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The scent is incredibly woody, pure, clean, and inspiring. It acts as a natural relief from all problems, brings total clearness to thoughts and relaxation to mind.


The fragrance creation was inspired by Paro Taktsang monastery which is a prominent Himalayan Buddhist sacred site and the temple complex is located in the cliff-side of the upper Paro valley in Bhutan. It has been established as a very well-known meditation site since 8th century.

The monastery is located 10 kilometres to the north of Paro and hangs on a precarious cliff at 3,120 metres, about 900 metres above the Paro valley. The rock slopes are very steep and the monastery buildings are built into the rock face. Though it looks formidable, the monastery complex has access from several directions, such as the north-west path through the forest, from the south along the path used by devotees, and from the north. Access over the rocky plateau, which is called the “Hundred Thousand Fairies” known as Bumda. A mule track leading to it passes through pine forest that is colourfully festooned with moss and prayer flags. On many days, clouds shroud the monastery and give an eerie feeling of remoteness. The trek is very scenic with the sound of the water fall breaking the silence. Along the trek route blue pine trees, prayer flags and kiosks selling paraphernalia for worship (such as prayer wheels, temple bells and skulls) are seen. The route is scattered with number of temples. On this path, a large water fall, which drops by 60 metres into a sacred pool, is forded over by a bridge. The track terminates at the main monastery where colourful paintings are displayed. Guru Rinpoche’s cave where he meditated is also seen.

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  1. Stephen Patton

    I’m not the biggest fan on this scent, there is something that doesn’t bode well with my skin but it is still wearable and nice scent, it smelt completely different on my brothers skin which was nice.

  2. Pieter

    This is the first meditational perfume suitable for a man. Most of them can be quite flowery.

  3. Kirsty O’Donnell

    Tiger’s Nest is exactly what I was hoping for, like standing in a forest and taking a deep breath. I’ve tried so many different perfumes that attempt to create something similar, but this is by far the closest to the real thing. It also lasts all day, so I can apply it in the morning safe in the knowledge that I can escape for a quiet moment whenever I want, simply by closing my eyes and inhaling this wonderful scent.

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