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The LAUDAN is resinous, warm, amber sweet, leathery, animalic, incense, balsamic, with dry wine and aged wood nuances, with notes of oak, sycamore trees, leather, moss, fossilized amber, forest understory. It opens with heavy-resinous-pine, amber, balsamic aroma with a light floral-woody hint. Then it develops to sweet woody and rich amber balsamic. The base notes are warm, heavy amber, floral, pine shavings, woody.

LAUDAN embodies autumnal radiance and formidable depth.

“…Long time ago he came back from an odd journey to a far mystic country.

He has inconceivably changed there. Big leather chest in attic still keeps a secret.

Incense in solemn church surrounded by graves of all he ever knew, dim light through rose windows… 

He owns of crepuscular mystery…”


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