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The perfume takes one to the immense mysterious enchanting coniferous forest with it’s secrets hidden so deep that finding them one can’t ever get out. It is a place of outstanding beauty with foggy mornings, magnificent bird’s singing, most wonderful berries, and soft bed of moss on the forest floor.

The fragrance fascinates by sublime pine-resinous sweet balsamic aroma with intensely aromatic deep rich sweet berry juiciness in the opening and base of heavenly ambery warm wood saturated with sun.


On journey’s end, on final day

My dreams, my thoughts, my joy, and pain
                                                            are left behind,
I step inside eternal vale
The forest’s sithe
                                                          “…you will remain…”
Mists spread and circle,
                                                           embrace me
In ever silent lands of North,
The halls of light, the fog afar,
                                                          “…remain with me, these all is yours…”
I breathe through leaves, I feel by bark
I am now quiet, nearly faint,
My hoard is drawn and fall apart

                                                        “…I stay with you, I won’t betray…”



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