These natural fragrances are currently out of stock, although, may be made to request. An average time of awaiting the order to be made and dispatched is around one month.

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  • Lavender Truffle

    “Lavender Truffle” opens with the bright lavender and soft milky cocoa, then lavender becomes softer and quieter, and cocoa in … Read More

  • Malachite Dusk

    “…Darkness is coming slowly, Water is quietly murmuring, Dump cool air envelops the river, Magic is about to open up … Read More

  • Inseparable

    INSEPARABLE opens strong sweet and slightly animalic note coming from labdanum. Davana, azalea and caramel bring sexual notes which saturates … Read More

  • Tiger’s Nest

    The scent is incredibly woody, pure, clean, and inspiring. It acts as a natural relief from all problems, brings total … Read More

  • Persephone’s Return

    Persephone’s Return perfume is devoted to my Mum and to all mothers in the world. It is my anthem to … Read More

  • Sacred Smoke

    Rather smoky deep dark enveloping incense note opens the composition and stays with us all over the scent’s dry-down. White … Read More

  • Abricoto Torto

    “Abricoto Torto” opens with bright happy sunny apricot note accompanied with warm earthy vetivert singing in unison. Deep guaiac wood … Read More

  • Ribo Cremo

     ~ limited edition ~

  • Spicy Liqueur

    The “Spicy Liqueur” is pure pleasure. It’s sweet, liquorish, spicy, intriguing, warm, enveloping scent makes one get back to it … Read More

  • Violet Clouds

    “Violet Clouds” is absolutely eternal sublime scent, powdery, slightly sweet, warm, enveloping, bringing to some king of exaltation and surreal … Read More

  • Taste Set

    Here I offer two sample sets, which are 5 or 10. Each sample is 1ml. For the sets of 5 … Read More

  • Champagne

    Champagne opens with vibrant pulsing sweet and sour pear-apple note which is unbelievably uplifting sparkling fountain and immediately brings one … Read More