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    BAHAAT opens with bright but rather gourmand coffee note, which is accompanied with dark chocolate and supported by velvety patchouli. … Read More


    “Earth exudes warmth bringing life, Leaves ending life fall on the ground, Soil absorbs the Sun saturating with life force, … Read More


    CEPHIR opens with vibrant pulsing sweet and sour pear-apple note which is unbelievably uplifting sparkling fountain and immediately brings one … Read More


      “…Long time ago he came back from an odd journey to a far mystic country. He has inconceivably changed … Read More


      On journey’s end, on final day My dreams, my thoughts, my joy, and pain                                                             are left behind, I … Read More


    Rather smoky deep dark enveloping incense note opens the composition and stays with us all over the scent’s dry-down. White … Read More


    OLWEN is my anthem my Mum and to all mothers in the world. It is devoted to unconditional love and … Read More


    SADHANA is a woody chypre, pure, light, clean, and inspiring. It acts as a natural relief from all problems, brings … Read More


    LAGHAT is magic dark harmony of lavender, labdanum, black tea and oakmoss. This sophisticated multilayer chypre unfolds slowly revealing natural … Read More


    This incredible vintage old-style tobacco chypre features a sharp and spicy yet fresh and heady note of vintage pipe tobacco. … Read More