KoRo Perfumes is an exquisite natural perfumery studio located in London.

Here you can get into an amazing world of natural fragrances and discover new dimensions of olfactory perception. You will be especially fascinated by natural raw materials and charmed by their versatility and multidimensional, multilayer structure. Any material has its own smell, which can be extracted and preserved, capturing its image, like a photography, giving an opportunity to return to it again and again, reviving it in memory even many years later. A well-turned composition of natural ingredients is like a mature wine, which reveals its beauty little by little, like a poem.

For my perfumes I use natural materials – essential oils, absolutes, isolates and CO2 extracts from highly reputable well-known suppliers from around the world, as well as a wide range of my own tinctures. Over 350 raw materials are currently in the palette, and the number is growing.

Here, at the KoRo perfumery studio, I’d like to share the passion to perfumery, and show how beautiful natural perfumes may be. The perfumes I offer here are not only perfumes, but consider and create them as life-companions, because of their ability to affect one’s emotions and immediately transport one to a different place or situation. The door to the invisible kingdom is open.

Yuliya, the studio founder.