Aromatic walk – Kew – Magnolia

Wisteria and magnolia flowers are among my very favourite and while wisteria still promises it’s glorious blossom, we can meanwhile enjoy the latter. Magnolias are in their full blooming currently at Kew Gardens and last week was hot and sunny providing a perfect moment to explore fantastic magnolias and their fragrances. So… There are many magnolia species in the garden which are blooming in slightly different time, therefore I have studies only several of them which are as follows.
Rustica Rubra is a big tree just to the left behind the Elizabeth Gate which you wouldn’t miss as it is really impressive. The flowers are medium white-pink with peony-like, subtle, white-floral, delicate aroma.

Next to the tree there are several young small trees, and the first is the Rouged Alabaster which has white flowers pink at the base, smell rather white-floral jasmine-like.

The next tree is Linnei Alba with heady aroma of white-floral with lemon peel candy nuances. It’s creamy-white innocent flowers look exceedingly appealing.

Magnolia Heaven Scent smells subtly, slightly lavendery, sweet and very fine, heavenly light. The pink large flowers are gorgeous also.

Royal Crown has long slender elongated pink blooms which are creamy-white within and scented elegant white-floral with clear jasmine note.

Then we walk further down the garden to the particular place devoted to Magnolias and there are many different species has been recently grown there. So, magnolia Galaxy: It is rather odd, but I definitely feel a difference between different flowers on the same tree. Some flowers smell delicate lilac-like, and some others smell rather spicy ginger.

Magnolia Two Stones has incredibly beautiful flowers with delicate, heady, airy, white-floral with lots of green, galbanum, fresh grass notes.

Yellow Lantern: it’s tall tulip-shaped pale lemon flowers scent is solid and full-bodied, reminiscent of fresh mushrooms, white the very new flowers are lightly scented of watery cucumber.

Chinese Quinquipeta is a sorely delightful for all senses: tender pink to purple flowers smell sweet and spicy with notes of lemon, sugar and candied ginger.

Phelan Bright is a big tree without leaves at the moment but with huge utterly marvellous flowers with jasmine-ginger-like fragrance.

Magnolia Elizabeth has elegant yellow flowers with light and pleasant aroma of white flowers, with lots of apple blossom, mock-orange and jasmine notes.

Pickard’s Ruby: new flowers which have just opened their petals smell watery and mushroomy, particularly like new fresh pink gills of champignons; while more mature flowers smell much more flowery with peony-tulip character and appreciable pollen powdery scent.

And the Pickard’s Pearl: big white flowers pleasantly lemony scented.

One of the magnolias, which is named Magnolia Thompsoniana on its plate, has scent of exotic flowers, reminiscent of gardenia to me.

And the other magnolia has left unknown to me, or maybe it doesn’t have any specific name, which is strange, but still, it has only the name Magnolia X Soulangeana on it’s plate. It has, thought, rather magnificent flowers with surprisingly delicate, light and airy fragrance of flesh laundry, white clean linen or cotton.

There are still many magnolia species to be revealed and studied in the Kew Gardens, which is wonderful and keep me rather curious and excited for my next visit!

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