Aromatic walk – Kew

The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew is, as usual, a huge source of inspiration for everyone, and particularly for a natural perfumer. Now the weather at last allowed warm waves of air to cover London with late but so long-awaited spring. Therefore, it is time to visit the outstanding garden and find out what is on there, with special interest to what smells there.

There are gorgeous carpets of daffodils and tulips of various colours. Daffodils aroma rich my nose from here and there and makes me to breathe deeply. Such a palette of white-yellow-orange colours filled all space around Princess of Wales conservatory.

These white beauties growing not far from Kew Palace, although bend their corollas in a humble bow, smell so intensively that you would notice them even before see so.

Tulips are not that fragrant, but rather colourful, so simply looking at them is a great fun.

Norway maple flowers clusters exudes sweet nectar and aroma of something green and sparkling with nuances of sweet fresh cigarette tobacco.

Shy bluebells are hiding under the trees in the Natural Areas of Kew, neighbouring to patches of wild garlic. Bluebells are shy, but they are growing in large groups bringing sky-blue colours into the forest floor.

Rhododendron Dell is also a pleasure to look at. Sumptuous flowers of peculiar shapes smell beautifully fine and delicate.


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