Smells of Spring

Spring has arrived finally, although is was approaching slowly but inevitably.

By awakening the world from long winter hibernation, spring brings a whole bunch of fragrances. They fill up air gradually, as sleepy nature doesn’t like rush. But how long-awaited they are after a cold sterile winter air!

First, smell of melting snow and wet soil is slowly replaced with sharp prominent scent of sticky poplar buds and wet tree bark. Every tree, bush or sprouting young grass add it’s unique part to this rich palette.

An immense symphony of odours starts – unfolding poplar leaves, golden daffodils, heavy scent of blooming apple and cherry trees, alder’s pollen dancing in the air, gorgeous captivating aroma of lilac.

Bluebells, crocuses, magnolias, hyacinths, violets, tulips and jonquils are playing their own melodies. Spring is fully surrounding us in parks and forests, giving us a pure pleasure to inhale the sophisticated bouquet of nature’s aromatic treasure.

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