Natural Ingredients – Cade Juniper

Cade juniper (Juniperus oxycedrus) or prickly juniper, or sharp cedar is a tree growing on a rocky ground, native to Mediterranean region.

Rectified Cade Juniper essential Oil or juniper tar produced by dry distillation of twigs and branches.

The Cade oil has an intense “tar-like”, smoky odour. Actually the smell is similar to birch tar but much more refined and noble.

It starts extremely strong most noble burning wood, fireplace or smoke-house, smoked salt, and after two hours on my wrist it becomes weaker but rather noble aroma of smoky wood with Lapsang Souchong tea undertone. This oil is amazing and so much attractive for me, so I am intrigued to build a perfumery composition around it. First, I thought that It would be great to blend it with vanilla or something really sweet and creamy or in opposite with something bitterly herbal, like petitgrain. However, Cade is not a simple guy, but rather picky to companions, and doesn’t want to mix with everything. It appears to be not straight forward task to get a balanced and full-bodied composition around the Cade oil. Although it is challenging, but very interesting work!

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  • Perfumes with burning wood notes are my favorite… I’d love to try the one when you finish it =)

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