Winter Mood

The winter time makes me recalling winter from my childhood, which was coming slowly but inevitably. Autumn’ colours are replaced by ice harmony and dazzling whiteness with hundreds of shades of blue. Birds become silent, and the quietness of nature is disturbed only by snow crunch and gusts of chilly wind.

Someone prefers to sit near cracking fireplace wrapped in a wool plaid with a cup of hot chocolate and dream about summer, instead of going out these days. While others, in opposite, feel more energy and freshness in winter.

Cold and snowy weather and Christmas lights in all windows indicate oncoming holidays. Streets are being filled with festive atmosphere and expectation of something wonderful. Dreams about miracle are different, but all of them inspire people same way, and the atmosphere of celebration reaches its peak on New Year’s Eve. It’s time to summarize a past year and make a wish for a next one.

Meanwhile, snowfalls are increasing, covering ground with fluffy blanket and plunging it into a long sleep. Countless snowflakes are dancing in the air. Their life is so short – they only have time to gently touch your face and melt immediately.

There are particularly magical snowfalls in winter coniferous forests far away from towns. Majestic firs are covered with fluffy snow coats. Lakes have a crust of blue ice hidden under a white blanket. Dazzling sparkling plains are stretched to the horizon. Sleepy silence of the wild forest is only broken by lonely bird shaking the ice crust off the rowan bunch. The fresh chill air is filled by odours of pine needles and wild raspberries or rowan dried on branches.

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