Perfumes you like this winter

It is so cold today, that it is absolutely no doubts that winter is just about to come. And it is, of course, totally natural, because it is 29th November!
As winter is near, the first thing is associated with winter in my mind is fir. Yes, Fir (or Pine, btw) is the main game player in winter as it is directly related to Christmas and New Year festivals.
As a great conifers lover I have two perfumes where conifers play a main role and compose the skeleton of the scent. They are “Tiger Nest” and “Sola Boreala”.
“Tiger Nest” is mountain forest with various trees, and pines and firs amongst the others. Fresh alpine air full of fir, cedar, pine, and cypress, liberates mind and clarifies thoughts, purely inspires and brings freedom.
“Sola Boreala” is another entity, and rather than liberate you it wants to bewitch you so you remain in the endless silent forest forever. It is warm enchanting captivating mysterious magic forest with white downy blanket of snow spread out beneath numerous conifers. If you not betray and stay, the forest will warm you up and feed with berries and nuts, because this forest is enchanting alive magic.

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