Natural Ingredients – Mimosa

Mimosa (in fact it is Acacia, but we frequently call it Mimosa) is a spring flower, is a sign and a messenger of spring. We love it because it is sunny-yellow and so naively happy as like spring will never go, and summer and then autumn will never come, we want to believe we will always young and full of energy and this naive simple colourful peaceful flower is a manifest of youth.

I have got two different materials – Mimosa Absolute from Morocco and Mimosa Essential Oil from India. Indian Mimosa is so translucent ethereal oil, like transparent lace on a dress of newborn fairy.

The Moroccan Mimosa is the same fairy, but she has learn some magic already, she knows the forest’s secrets and smiles all the time. Moroccan Absolute is full of sweet honey, woody, green violet nuances, incredibly tenacious and fill all the space around. Both Mimosas are magnificent.


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