Natural ingredients – Pepper

Pepper note in perfumery is as much appealing as almost any spice note, it is useful to add nuances and sparks to any woody, herbal, leather, dark or oriental composition. There are several very interesting peppers in my natural material collection I would like to talk about.

Pink Pepper essential oil is of USA origin and produced by steam distilling the berries of pink pepper (Schinus molle). It is recommended to impart a fresh top note within heavy-sweet floral bases, introduce freshness and fixation within lavender colognes, fougeres, spicy colognes and floral compositions.

First it is very loud and sharp smell of crushed pink pepper so real that I literally can feel it in my mouth. Then in several minutes it is getting quieter, soft peppery, fruity, sweet spicy, and whispering of it’s pepperiness, in the end, it stays on my skin as a warm peppery note.

 Black Pepper Sarawak CO2 extract is Malaysian origin and obtained by CO2 extraction from Piper nigrum.

Warm, soft, smooth, gentle, enveloping, at the same time diffusive, dusty-woody, lightly fruity-floral, smells exactly as black pepper of very good quality, has so round edges. Brilliant material!




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